Make Brushing Fun for Kids

Dr.Thasma sees kids from the ages of 2 thru 18 and is a friendly Kids Dentist. Treatment plan includes preventive and dental hygiene education and awareness for the kids. We make sure your Kids enjoy the visit. Education and Training are the key concepts for a good and healthy teeth for the kids.

Make Brushing Fun for Kids Video
Good brushing and practices help them maintain healthy teeth throughout their lives. American Dental Association recommends children age 6 months to have their first dental visit. (Click here to Download)
Preventing Cavities in Kids Video
Preventing Cavities in Kids

Gum disease occurs, when infection spreads around the gums that support the teeth. It is a major cause of tooth loss in young adults. Usually these are painless and so it can easily go unnoticed. The start of the gum disease is from the plaque, which is a sticky film of bacteria around your teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Treatment
Is Tooth Decay Preventable?

Tooth decay is preventable, if you follow good oral hygiene practices and visiting your Dentist regularly. Dentist will advice the parents how to take care of their baby’s mouth and brushing practices.