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Keep Your Orthodontic Treatment Simple With Invisalign In Frisco
Straight Teeth in your face is associated with numerous positive qualities. Invisalign is also known as Invisible Braces. These braces are Transparent and are Invisible aligners. So it makes someone wearing these Invisible aligners like not wearing Braces at all. They are traditional braces alternative and so liked by many Adults.
How to straighten teeth is a question in the minds of Adults who missed Orthodontic treatment in their early ages.
About Invisalign

Invisalign uses a series of custom made Invisible aligners. These Invisible aligners are specially created for you. The Plastic aligners are virtually invisible BPA free plastic. You need to change the Invisible aligners once every two weeks, until your treatment is complete.

These Invisible aligners do not interfere with your normal activity. Furthermore there are no wires to tighten in your mouth and no bands to wear.
Treatment Process

Your Dentist will take pictures, x-rays and the necessary impressions of your teeth. We use this to create a digital 3-D image for the Dentist to chalk out a precise treatment plan for you. The plan will map the exact movements of your teeth and can tell you how long the treatment will take.

Follow Up visit

You may need to visit your Dentist every 6 weeks. Each time of your visit, you will get 3 sets of aligners to change every 2 weeks.

Cost of Braces

It might take 1 year for adults to complete the treatment. Cost can range between $3800 to $5500, depending on various factors.

How much does it cost for Adults?

There is no much difference in price for Adults and Kids. Adults request Invisible Braces as they feel inconvenient to wear the Traditional Braces.

Before and After Images
Before Invisalign Treatment Before
After Invisalign Treatment After
Before Before
After After
Before Before
After After
Before Before
After After
How to Clean Clear Aligners
Frequently asked Questions About Invisalign
Does this Clear Braces for Adults work the same way as Traditional Orthodontic Braces?

Traditional Braces have more leverage on your Teeth than the Clear Braces. This really depends on several factors like your Jaw expansion, Teeth position and so on. If the Treatment is complex, then your Dentist would recommend Traditional Braces.

Where can I get the Invisalign?

Your General Dentist trained in Orthodontic treatment can assist you in getting the right treatment. All Orthodontists should be able to help you as well.

Braces or Invisalign?

Answer for this question can be found here. You can schedule a free consultation in our Office. We may be able to tell you exactly which way you need to go.